Part Three

Because Of Me

Touched by reoccurring thoughts of her past KC wonders if life will ever be kind as the Callahan’s continue on their journey to Oregon.

Caught-up in several precarious predicaments that are hard to remove themselves from all twelve women and children experience death, drowning, and grief along the way all caused by the loss of a loved one. The group of women and children to grow closer, and those who are left acknowledge they all could have been better friends to those in need.

And everything KC knows to be true is not, as a love triangle begins and her life changes after experiencing something enlightening she never imagined.
Will mother and daughter grow closer or fall apart? Can KC leave her past behind, or will it haunt her for the rest of her life?

Part Three, will leave you in tears and a hope for a better future for those who struggled against the one tenuous trail that gave them all a new beginning.