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Part One
A Family saga, adventure, romance, and western.
If you like drama, intrigue, and deception read further…

Anna Hamilton’s love for her mother Emily is unbidden. And when Emily, a woman of tremendous strength and character, had to live her life under the guidance of Otis Weskler an unscrupulous man of hideous ways – who after purchasing her at fourteen then taken away from her downtrodden parents – was forced into a new way of life she never envisioned.

Now as a mother herself, Emily will do anything to protect her daughter Anna from living the same type of life. Moreover, when forced into a position of defending her daughter this causes everything in their lives to quickly change.

Fleeing the only hometown they have ever known, mother and daughter find themselves creating new identities before joining ten other women and children on a long and tenuous journey to Oregon, who by the way, also have something to hide and the reasons why they are there.

Can Emily ever give her daughter the life she never had? Can self-actualization occur when courage triumphs over fear?